"This lighting looks very good.  You did a great job as DP too."   Adam Nimoy 2016

"This lighting looks very good. May I check the camera?"              Leonard Nimoy 1996

"When you arrive on the set you need to have your lines down cold... ...that is why they call it acting and not remembering." 

   John DeLancey

"That's it. I like it.

It's a wrap."

          Paul Rosa

"Let's do the interview... ...but later. Not while I'm eating."                                         Sofia Loren

"Your roll-in flight pack and your four camera team worked seamlessly wih our sound, lighting and staging teams so that the webcast went perfect and the 190,000 live webcast attendees in the US, Canada and Japan saw and heard every work and every slide. Thank you!"

                                      Andy Kochendorfer 

"We needed 4K on a budget. Paul, your AUGX90 package with the arri-flight-pack and 4 mic package saved the day. Super-quick set ups, wonderful angles, perfect sound... ...and the footage looks we had a feature film budget!"

                                           Rob Webb

"If you make me say anything nice about you I'll have to kill you afterwards... ...and that would be bad for your kids."

                                      John Leonard

                                      The Granville Group

"I like you kid... ..you remind me of John Ford - know what you want, shoot it and get it in the can. Not like the mambe-pambe PhD directors that took over..."                       Jack Elam